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Summer School is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for June 9-July 2. Elementary students will attend from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All elementary students will go to summer school at Price Elementary. Middle school and high school students will also attend Monday-Friday during the hours of 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost for ALL students! Click on the below links to learn more about summer school!

Elementary Information and Registration Form

Middle School Information and Registration Form

High School Information and Registration Form

Notes from Nurse Nancy

Medication Policy

If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school:

  •  Parent/Guardian MUST bring the medication in the original container (over-the-counter) or with a prescription label to the health office (ask the pharmacist for a 2nd container for school)
  •  Written parental consent MUST be on file in the health office
  •  Students are NOT allowed to carry medication on the bus or in their backpack unless appropriate forms have been completed in the health office (i.e. inhaler)



The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, aka The Tooth Truck, will be coming to Republic Schools in April. The Tooth Truck comes to the school campus and provides care during school hours.  If your child qualifies and you would like them seen by the Tooth Truck please contact your school nurse so an application can be sent home for each child. This application MUST be returned to the school nurse by April 1st to ensure time for the application to be processed.

This service is free of charge to qualified children. Eligibility guidelines are as follows:

-between ages of 3-14

-must qualify for free or reduced lunch program

-cannot have private dental insurance or be an active patient of a local dentist

-if seen by Tooth Truck last year, child is NOT eligible for a routine cleaning this year but WILL be seen for dental concerns such as tooth aches and cavities

-Medicaid eligible and uninsured children are seen

-Must complete a Tooth Truck application



Meet the Principals

Counselor's Corner

MAP Reminders

Parents often ask us what they can do to help their child on the upcoming MAP tests. Here is a simple list of things to keep in mind...
1.) Be aware of the testing schedule. Please try to avoid scheduling appointments during 8:30-12:00 May 12- May 21st. Research shows us that students are more successful when testing with their peers than if they have to make up a test session at a later time.
2.) Be on time for school. As adults, we know how it affects our day if we are running late. Your child will feel the same way. Testing will start promptly at 8:45 so it is important that your student arrives to school on time.
3.) Make sure that your child has plenty of rest and a healthy breakfast during the testing window. This will help them to be better focused on the test.
4.) Remain positive and have a positive attitude about the test. Remind your student that the expectation is that they "DO THEIR BEST!"



McCulloch Messages

If you drop your child off or pick him/her up in the afternoon it is very important that you follow the traffic patterns established by the City of Republic and the Republic School District. Please follow the below guidelines to keep traffic flowing smoothly and our children safe:

• Please do not use Main Street to enter Anderson Street for pick-ups or drop-offs.
• Cars should enter from the south ONLY on Pine Street.
• Cars will not be allowed to stop or park on Anderson past Pine. Please plan to stop on Pine to the south if the traffic backs up on Anderson.
• Please do not drop your child off in the street in front of McCulloch at any time.
• Please be conscious of McCulloch neighbor’s yards and driveways.
• When you pull through the McCulloch drive to drop-off or pick-up a student please pull all the way to the end of our covered entryway. This allows five cars to either unload or load at the same time and cuts your wait time down.
• We ask that cars leaving McCulloch after pick-up/drop-off exit by turning right only onto Anderson (towards Hampton).

Thank you in advance for adhering to these traffic guidelines to ensure the safety of our students and patrons.


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